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Spring 2021 Courses

HIST 1090: Modern Japan

HIST 1111.23: First-Year Writing Seminar: African Nationalism

HIST 1111.25: First-Year Writing Seminar: Alternative Medicine

HIST 1111.31: First-Year Writing Seminar: London: From Romann Camp to World City

HIST 1111.38: First-Year Writing Seminar: Gandhi

HIST 1111.40: First-Year Writing Seminar: The Holocaust

HIST 1320: The Senses of Happiness: A History

HIST 1345: The World of Rome

HIST 1380: Modern Latin America

HIST 1500: History of Modern Sciences and Society

Hist 1580: Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Europe: 1400 - 1800

HIST 1665: Capital, Labor, and Democracy in the United States

HIST 1669: Making the Case for Civil Rights

HIST 1690: Sea power in History

HIST 1693: Fundamentals of Maneuver Warefare

HIST 1760: History of Christian Traditions

HIST 2107: Chinese Economic History

HIST 2160: Medicine in Islam

HIST 2210: History of the Roman Empire

HIST 2238: Crime and Criminal Law in Western Antiquity

HIST 2294: Eastern Europe: Critical Encounters

HIST 2310: France: Renaissance to Revolution

HIST 2413: Global History of Waste

HIST 2457: Drug Trafficking and Society in Latin America

HIST 2490: Brazilian Civilization

HIST 2530: African Religions in Americas

HIST 2535: Latin America and the United States

HIST 2590: American Indian History since 1850

HIST 2689: "Women of Color": History, Theorizing, and Organizing in the United States

HIST 2720: World War II

HIST 2721: Globalizing American History, 1870 - 1940

HIST 2730: American Masculinty

HIST 2760: The Historian and the Law

HIST 2860: Women and Gender in the U.S. since 1865

HIST 3000W.02: The History Workshop - History, Memory, and Fiction

HIST 3000W.03: The History Workshop - The Carceral State

HIST 3000W.04: The History Workshop - War, Trauma, and Memory

HIST 3000W.05: The History Workshop - Practice and Politics of History

HIST 3000W.06: The History Workshop - Scandel, Libel, and Sex in Seventeenth-Century England

HIST 3200: Poverty, Economy, and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa

HIST 3333: Pandemics and Society in Historical Perspective

HIST 3980: Junior Honors Seminar in History

HIST 4960.01: Majors Seminar -  Environmental History

HIST 4960.02: Majors Seminar - Law and Everyday Life

HIST 4960.303: Majors Seminar -  Indigenous People

HIST 4960: Majors Seminar -  Cold War

HIST 4981: Senior Honors Research Seminar

HIST 4999: Senior Honors Thesis