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Spring 2022 Courses

HIST 1090. Modern Japan

HIST 1111.04. First-Year Writing Seminar: Destruction of the Indies

HIST 1111.23. First-Year Writing Seminar: African Nationalism

HIST 1111.31. First-Year Writing Seminar: London: From Romann Camp to World City

HIST 1162. East India Company

HIST 1345. The World of Rome

HIST 1380. Modern Latin America

HIST 1383. Slave Resistance in the Americas

HIST 1390. America to 1776: Discovery to Revolution

HIST 1400. U.S. 1776 - 1877: Revolution to the Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST 1422W. FDR, the New Deal, and War

HIST 1438. African American History to 1865

HIST 1665. Capital, Labor, and Democracy in the United States

HIST 1690. Sea power in History

HIST 1691. Evolution of Warfare

HIST 1710W. Writing for Social Change

HIST 1882W. Japan Historical Fiction

HIST 2107. Chinese Economic History

HIST 2135. Russia: USSR and Afterward

HIST 2237. Democracy and Dictatorship: Ancient Politics

HIST 2238. Crime and Criminal Law in Western Antiquity

HIST 2300. 20th Century Germany

HIST 2383. A Monarchy Dissolved: From Good Queen Bess to the English Civil War

HIST 2530. African Religions in the Americas

HIST 2542. Cuba and the United States

HIST 2590. American Indian History since 1850

HIST 2662. Slavery in the United States

HIST 2750. American Intellectual History

HIST 2760. The Historian and the Law

HIST 2780. Superhuman Civilization

HIST 3000W.01. The History Workshop - Child Trafficking and the States

HIST 3000W.03. The History Workshop - Religion and Social Movements

HIST 3000W.04. The History Workshop - Sexuality and Gender

HIST 3000W.05. The History Workshop - Historiography and Methods

HIST 3050. Innovation

HIST 3200. Poverty, Economy, and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa

HIST 3980w 01 &02: Junior Honors Seminar in History

HIST 4960.01.Majors Seminar -  Women and the Law

HIST 4960.02 Majors Seminar - Space, Power, and History

HIST 4981.01 and 02. Senior Honors Research Seminar

HIST 4999. Senior Honors Thesis