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Fall 2020 Courses

HIST 1039. Global History 1453 to Present

HIST 1040W. Revolutions in the Modern World

HIST 1060. Pre-modern China

HIST 1080. Pre-modern Japan

HIST 1111.04. First-Year Writing Seminar: Destruction of Indies

HIST 1111.17 First-Year Writing Seminar: Shari'a Islamic Law

HIST 1190: A History of Islam

HIST 1350: Western Civilization to 1700

HIST 1370. Colonial Latin America

HIST 1383. Slave Resistance in the Americas

HIST 1390. America to 1776: Discovery to Revolution

HIST 1410. U.S. 1877-1945: Reconstruction through World War II

HIST 1430W. North American Indians and the Environment

HIST 1640. History of American Capitalism

HIST 1710W. Writing for Social Change

HIST 1730. The U.S. and the Cold War

HIST 2120. Japan's War and Postwar, 1931 - 1989

HIST 2130. Russia: Old Regime to Revolution

HIST 2190. Last Empire of Islam

HIST 2237. Democracy and Dictatorship: Ancient Politics

HIST 2240. Sex Law 

HIST 2255. Inventing the Modern Economy: Eighteenth-Century Europe

HIST 2293. Muslims in Modern Europe

HIST 2294. Eastern Europe: Critical Encounters

HIST 2300. Twentieth-Century Germany

HIST 2457. Drug Trafficking and Society in Latin America

HIST 2510. American Indian History before 1850

HIST 2684. The History of Black Power

HIST 2692W. Biographies of Struggle

HIST 2855. Women and Gender in the U.S. to 1865

HIST 3000W.01. The History Workshop: Historiography and Methods

HIST 3000W.02. The History Workshop: The Great War (1914 - 1918)

HIST 3000W.03. The History Workshop: The Holocaust

HIST 3000W.04. The History Workshop: Body Politics in Western History

HIST 4960.01 Major's Seminar: Religion and Occult in Early Modern Europe

HIST 4960.02. Major's Seminar: Religion and The State

HIST 4960.03. Major's Seminar: Nationalism and Revolution in the Carribbean

HIST 4980. Senior Honors Research Seminar