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Special Degree Programs

Teacher Licensure for History Majors

History majors who are interested in teaching may choose to “double major” in Secondary Education and History. Another option is to pursue a Peabody’s master’s degree, which offers either a four-semester or one-year track option. Upon graduating with a B.A. in history, history majors in our fifth-year program spend the summer following undergraduate work and the next academic year earning their M.Ed. and teaching licensure.

4+1 Program

The history department admits a limited number of exceptional students to a “4+1” program designed to allow Vanderbilt undergraduate students to complete the B.A. and M.A in five years of continuous study. The combined degree is typically completed in the same department, but undergraduates from other departments may apply to complete the M.A. in history.

Students who are interested in the 4+1 program should consult with their adviser as early as possible, and make formal application to the department by the end of their junior year.

See general information about the College of Arts and Science 4+1 program.

Application Process

Students applying to the 4+1 program in history should have at least a 3.5 overall and major GPA. The GRE is not required.

The application process requires the following steps:

    1. Each applicant should meet with the Director of Graduate Studies in their junior year.
    2. Applicants must submit their application packet to the Director of Graduate Studies by March 1st of their junior year. Packet should include:
      • Statement of Purpose/Letter of Intent explaining why the applicant seeks to enroll in the 4+1 program
      • Writing sample (10-15 page research paper)
      • Vanderbilt transcript (unofficial is fine)
      • CV or resumé
      • Letters of recommendation from two faculty members, at least one of whom must be in the Department of History
      • A&S Petition to Apply to the Combined B.A./M.A. 4+1 Degree Program Form
    3. If the petition is approved, applicants will take two 5000-level or above courses in their senior year as preparation for the M.A. year. Students should choose these courses in consultation with their principal adviser and meet with the instructor of the graduate-level course before registering for it.
    4. By March 15 of the senior year, the applicant will submit the regular application package to the Graduate Degree Program in history. Initial entry into graduate level courses in the senior year does not guarantee acceptance into the master’s program; rather, the applicant’s exceptional track record in those courses will constitute a critical aspect of their application to the degree program.
    1. 4+1 M.A. candidates must complete 30 hours of 5000- and above-level course work and submit two research papers. Among the 30 hours, students are expected to complete the two-course sequence in research methods (HIST 6100 and HIST 6110) and at least 15 hours in one major field of study. The research papers are to be directed and approved by a two-person committee comprised of the student’s faculty adviser and one other faculty member.