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Vanderbilt Legal History Colloquium


Legal History Colloquium, 2021-2022

Vanderbilt University

Department of History



Schedule of Speakers



Monday, Sept. 13: Thomas A. J. McGinn (Vanderbilt University), “Archaeology and Roman Law: A Case Study,” 12:15–1:45, Location Featheringhill Hall, 300. Link to paper here.


Monday, Oct. 4: Johnathon Speed (Vanderbilt University), ‘“A Child Export’: The Swabian Children in the Public Eye, 1897-1914.” Featheringhill Hall, 300. Link to paper here.


Monday, Dec. 6: Michelle McKinley (University of Oregon), “Bound Biographies: Transoceanic Itineraries of Black Iberians in the Americas,” 12:15–1:45, Location T.B.D.


Monday, Jan. 24: Joanna Grisinger (Northwestern University); “Loud Flights, Angry Neighbors, and Indifferent Bureaucrats: The Civil Aeronautics Board Confronts Noise Pollution,” 12:15–1:45, Location T.B.D


Monday, Feb. 21: Clifford Ando (University of Chicago), “The Origins of Roman Public Law,” 12:15–1:45, Location T.B.D.


Wednesday, Mar. 30: Sally Hadden (Western Michigan University), “Eighteenth-Century Legal Libraries: Insights from Newspapers and Probate Inventories,” 12:15–1:45, Location T.B.D.


Monday, Apr. 18: Fahad Bishara (University of Virginia), “The Sailing Scribes: Circulating Law in the Twentieth-Century Indian Ocean,” 12:15–1:45, Location T.B.D.