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Fall 2021, Graduate Courses

Updated August 2022

If you would like additional information on the following courses, please contact the instructor by clicking the email link beside their name. Additionally, please consult YES for a full list of History mezzanine courses (5000-level) and relevant graduate courses in other departments.    


HIST 6100 Introduction to Historical Methods and Research, Wednesday 9:10am - 12:00pm, Benson 200, Professor Moses Ochonu  
This course examines major trends in historical writing, from ancient to recent times. It seeks to introduce students to the "historian's task" and the various ways scholars/writers have approached it.


HIST 8050. Studies in Comparative History - Cultural Hist:Theories & Meth ods, Thursdays 9:10am - 12:00pm, Furman Hall 226, Professor Celia Applegate


HIST 8050. Studies in Comparative History - US & World/Empire , Tuesday, 1:10 - 3:00pm, Furman Hall 330, Professor Paul Kramer


HIST 8200. Third Year Seminar, Wednesday, 12:10 - 3:00pm, Benson 200, Professor Marshall Eakin


HIST 8300. Studies in Early Modern European History - Early Modern Cross-Cultural England , Wednesdays 3:10 - 6:00pm, Benson 200, Professor Joel Harrington