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Financial Aid


University Tuition Scholarships are service-free awards that pay all or part of tuition costs. The following graduate awards are normally supplemented by a full University Tuition Scholarship, which usually includes student health insurance coverage: University Fellowships, Graduate Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Research Assistantships, Traineeships, and Teacher Training Awards.

All history Ph.D. students receive five years of funding (a stipend, plus health insurance and full tuition) from a combination of sources: the Graduate School, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Provost’s Office, and several departmental endowed funds, including the Albert H. Gordon Fellowship, the Herbert and Blanche Henry Weaver Summer Fellowship Awards in History, the J. León Helguera Fellowship, and the Ingram History Graduate Fellowship.Ordinarily, three of the five years in the program are service free. In most cases, students will serve as teaching assistants in the third and fifth years of study, with the first, second, and fourth years designated as service-free.

Students are encouraged to apply for dissertation-finishing fellowships that provide an additional year of service-free support.  The Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities awards finishing fellowships in the humanities and qualitative social sciences.

Students must be enrolled full-time and are expected to meet departmental and Graduate School benchmarks in order to maintain their fellowship status.