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Vladislav Lilic

Vladislav Lilić is a first-year graduate student in Modern European History. He focuses on the multifaceted material and cultural exchanges within the Habsburg-Ottoman-Romanov imperial triangle and places particular emphasis on the creation of modernity in the long-nineteenth-century Ottoman and post-Ottoman Balkans.

            In his master thesis, Vladislav traced Balkan historical actors who in the 1860s and 1870s appropriated the languages of American and Swiss federalisms to redescribe their social worlds and offer radically new visions of the future. By so doing, Vladislav stressed the transformative role of political and social concepts and conceptual clusters that travel across linguistic, cultural, and administrative boundaries. His other interests include the theories and methodologies of global intellectual history and global history of historiography.

            In the fall semester of 2018 Vladislav was designated as a Russell G. Hamilton Scholar by the Vanderbilt College of Arts and Science.

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