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Mohammed Allehbi

Mohammed Allehbi is a sixth year Ph.D. student in Medieval Islamic History with a focus on the late Abbasid era. He received his M.A in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago in June 2014. His thesis "Streets of Baghdad: The War between the ʿAyyārūn and the Government during the Buyid and Seljuq Eras" examined what factors determined the successes and failures of these governments in Baghdad in their interactions with a non-governmental paramilitary group known as the ʿayyārūn.

He is currently exploring his main research interest; understanding how medieval Muslim governments maintained their authority in the cities that they ruled through the enforcement of public order. He intends to examine the different types of law enforcement institutions in the Medieval Islamic period, the methods they employed to deal with urban disorders and crimes in the past, and how these establishments evolved with time. His advisor is Professor David Wasserstein.