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Kathryn Marshalek

Kathryn Marshalek is a sixth year PhD candidate studying early modern British and European history. Her dissertation examines how European geopolitics of the 1620s created space for both Catholics and anti-Calvinist Protestants to renegotiate their place within the English religio-political settlement. Kathryn is broadly interested in post-Reformation Catholicism, dynastic politics, political communication, and resistance theory.

In 2022, she published an article in Renaissance Quarterly, "Luisa de Carvajal in Anglo-Spanish Contexts, 1605-14," which won the 2023 Jane Dempsey Douglass Prize for the best essay on women in the history of Christianity, awarded by the American Society for Church History. Her second article, “Putting the Catholics back in: the ‘rise of Arminianism’ reconsidered,” has recently been published in Historical Research. She has a forthcoming article, on anti-popery in the 1624 Parliament, with The English Historical Review. 

Kathryn is advised by Dr. Peter Lake.