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Professor Joseph L. Rife’s New Book – On the Edge of a Roman Port: Excavations at Koutsongila, Kenchreai, 2007–2014

Posted by on Monday, March 6, 2023 in Uncategorized.

Associate Professor of Classical and Mediterranean Studies Joseph L. Rife has released his latest book, On the Edge of a Roman Port: Excavations at Koutsongila, Kenchreai, 2007–2014, which he chiefly wrote and edited with Elena Korka, Honorary General Director of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of the Greek Ministry of Culture.


Book Description: Between 2007 and 2014, a Greek-American team investigated an impressive array of Early Roman to Early Byzantine buildings and burials on the Koutsongila Ridge at Kenchreai, the eastern port of ancient Corinth. This volume presents the project’s final results, revealing abundant evidence not only for the history of activity in a transitional urban/suburban landscape, but also for the society, economy, and religion of local residents. Important structural and mortuary discoveries abound, including a district of lavish houses with exquisite mosaic pavement and an Early Christian Octagon. The large artifactual assemblage encompasses a variety of objects from pottery and lamps to glass, coins, and jewelry. Bones and teeth from over 200 individuals illustrate differences in health over time, while thousands of bones and shells from a variety of animals attest to diet and subsistence. This study paints a picture of a Corinthian community, small but prosperous and well connected, actively participating in an urban elite culture expressed through decorative art and monumental architecture.

For more information, see the book on the publisher’s website at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.