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Graduate Student Resources

General Resources

Graduate School Resources

Steps to Graduation Information

  1. CHEMSACS/Departmental Redcap Survey Tracking and Online Forms (see REDcap instructions for additional help)
  2. Graduate School Forms and Timeline
  3. Graduate School Checklist for Graduation
  4. Graduate Student Departmental Check-out Sheet

Academic Resources

Student Travel and Expenses Resources

Research Resources

Career Resources

Current job openings in higher education:

Current postdoctoral positions:

Current industry positions:


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LocationPhone Number
Chemistry Administrative Office615-322-2861
Chemistry Storeroom615-322-2581
Environmental Health and Safety615-322-2057
Instrumental Laboratory615-322-8171
NMR Lab615-343-9255
Plant Operations (during work hours)615-322-9675
Plant Operations EMS (after working hours)615-322-2621
Floods, electrical/HVAC/water outages