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Xiaohua Jiang

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr. Jiang came to Vanderbilt University to pursue a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences in 2002. Her doctoral research focused on loading of replication protein A during DNA replication initiation, which was a collaboration project by Drs. Ellen Fanning and Walter Chazin. She began her postdoctoral training in Department of Biochemistry at Vanderbilt with Dr. Martin Egli, after completing her doctoral study in 2008. She was interested in the structure of DNA polymerase eta. In 2011, she started her independent career as tenure-tracked assistant professor at Tennessee Tech University. Her research studied the structure and activity relationship between thiosemicarbazone and human topoisomerase. She was tenured and promoted to associate professor in 2017. Dr. Jiang taught Biochemistry, Biochemistry Lab, General Chemistry, General chemistry Lab and Chemistry for the Life Sciences at Tennessee Tech University. Her passion for teaching drove her to take a senior lecturer position at Vanderbilt University in 2023. Dr. Jiang teaches biochemistry at Vanderbilt University.