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RenĂ£ A. S. Robinson

Professor of Chemistry
Dorothy J. Wingfield Phillips Chair

Dr. Robinson is not currently accepting graduate students. 

RASR Laboratory uses state-of-the art proteomics and mass spectrometry technology to further our understanding of aging and age-related diseases. We are particularly interested in aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and sepsis and the role of the periphery. We are excited to use our technology to understand the molecular basis of racial and ethnic disparities in aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and sepsis. Our work requires a large number of samples and highly technical methods to analyze them. To that end, we specialize in developing new and innovative approaches to analyze proteins using an analytical instrument called a mass spectrometer. This instrument can analyze multiple complex biological tissues at once, and study modified forms of protein within those samples. We are also working on using this approach to study lipids found in human bodily fluids.