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Examples of Recent Undergraduate Research Projects

Student Research Projects

Fall 2014

Pual Snider                                                                              
Analysis of Casual Factors for Wolbachia-Induced Cytoplasmic Incompatibility

Lauren Michelle White   
The Role of alpha5beta Integrin in Fibronectin Alignment

Anthony Bilotta                                                                       
BCES regulates cell cycle prgression through YAP1 in CRC

Peter Doley   
Circadian Rythms & the effects of Photoperiods

Erik Andersson                                                  
Identifying Non-canonical c-Myc Binding Site on EGR1 Pomoter Region

Justin Yeh 
Ideal Conditions for the Formation of Golgi-derived Microtubules                                           

Ashwini Joshi   
Single Cell Imaging of Temperature Compensated Mutants in the Cyanobacterium PCC7942

Sam Erlinger
Role of Sec27 coatamer protein in vesicle transport in budding yeast

Kelly Paige Schultz  
APPL1 inhibits cell migration and activation of Rac by a Rab5-dependent mechanism

Sean King 
Evolutionary Analysis of Secondary Metabolic Gene Clusters in the Fungal Genus Fusarium

Brian Cooper                                                  
Creating a Dynamic Web Portal to Display the Human DNA Record

Andrew Legan 
Population Distribution of White-Lipped Peccary in the Pantanal

Jack Andrew Lee
Investigating Properties of Chytrid Cell Walls

Karthik Yarlagadda
LINE1 DNA methylation is associated with telomere length in African American children

Ravi Chintapalli
Analysis of Anopheline Mosquito Wing Accessory Pulsatile Organ Physiology and Anatomy

Ahmed Ali Memon                                     
A role for the Telomere-Associated Protein Rifl p in repair of Double-Strand breaks

Gu, Cindy
Systems Biology Analysis of AS)3-adjuntal INFusion Response

Patrick Michael Meyers                                                                
Genome-editing with CRISPR to test the C. elegans UNC-8 DEG/ENaC sodium channel for a role in synaptic remodeling

David Young Qu                                                                          
Antibody Responses against the Fungal Agent Chytridiomycosis

Alex Commanday                  
Regulation of Focal Adhesion Kinase by miR-27 and its role in zebrafish craniofacial development   

Legan, Andrew
Population Distribution of White-Lipped Peccary in the Pantanal

Shawn Albert
Zinc acquisition in Acinetobacter baumannii

Yosuf, Rukia Isabel    
Studies of Urea Residue within an Oligonucleotide                               

Anna Zhoa  
Investigating the Mechanisms of Zebrafish Retina Regeneration

Prior to 2014

Caitlin Azzo: Structural Studies of the Flexible Filamentous Plant Viruses

Alex Banathy: Regulation of the Actin Cytoskeleton in Human Airway Smooth Muscle Tone

Sushma Boppana: Functional and Structural Characterization of Antennal APOs in Anopheles gambiae

Claire Cato: Biochemical Analysis of XRCC1 Interactions with BER enzymes

Grace Coggins: Establishing a stable knockout of miRNAs in zebrafish

Stephen L. Derrberry, Jr.: A Functional Deorphanization of the Anopheles gambiae Variant Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor Family of Chemosensory Proteins

Juan Carlos Malpartida: Orco Expression in Insect Testes

Callie McCool: Analysis of Cyanobacteria Mutants with Defects in Temperature Compensation

Christina Snider: Requirement for Membrane Remodeling in the Budding of AP-1/clathrin-coated vesicles from the Golgi complex

Emily Summerbel: miR-216a regulates early stages of zebrafish retinal regeneration

Wandi Zhu: Peripheral T follicular helper cell function during HIV infection


Update 09 May 2014