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Sponsoring Interns, Observers and Minors

Interns and Observers

To sponsor interns (paid) or observers (not paid) in your lab, the intern/observer must be registered and both you and the intern/observer must fill out several forms prior to the person arriving at Vanderbilt. Forms to be filled out include:

Additional details including library privilege information and FAQs can be found on the Provost's webpage.


If the intern or observer is a minor (17 years old or younger), or if you are sponsoring a minor through an outreach program, other processes in addition to those above are involved as detailed below as well as on the Risk and Insurance Management webpage (VUNet ID and password required) . If the minor is participating in a program (such as the Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach) the program must be registered with the Office of Risk and Insurance Management.

  • The minor's parent or guardian must sign an Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form;
  • IMPORTANTLY, each permanent member of your lab (post docs, technicians, and graduate students) must do the following:
    • Must have passed a background check;
    • Must have read Protection of Minors Policy, particularly appendix A: "Code of Conduct for Interacting with Minors and Identifying Child Abuse"; and
    • Must have completed online training "Sexual Misconduct: How Teachers and Other Educators Can Protect Our Children";
  • The sponsoring faculty member must complete a Staff List - Policy Compliance Form and turn it in to the departmental chair before approval can be given.