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Patrick Abbot, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Abstracts from PubMed

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Abbot, P, Capra, JA What is a placental mammal anyway
Eidem, HR, McGary, KL, Capra, JA, Abbot, P, Rokas, A The transformative potential of an integrative approach to pregnancy
Lawson, SP, Sigle, LT, Lind, AL, Legan, AW, Mezzanotte, JN, Honegger, HW, Abbot, P An alternative pathway to eusociality: Exploring the molecular and functional basis of fortress defense
Abbot, P, Rokas, A Mammalian pregnancy
Eidem, HR, Rinker, DC, Ackerman, WE, Buhimschi, IA, Buhimschi, CS, Dunn-Fletcher, C, Kallapur, SG, Pavličev, M, Muglia, LJ, Abbot, P, Rokas, A Comparing human and macaque placental transcriptomes to disentangle preterm birth pathology from gestational age effects
Kim, M, Cooper, BA, Venkat, R, Phillips, JB, Eidem, HR, Hirbo, J, Nutakki, S, Williams, SM, Muglia, LJ, Capra, JA, Petren, K, Abbot, P, Rokas, A, McGary, KL GEneSTATION 1.0: a synthetic resource of diverse evolutionary and functional genomic data for studying the evolution of pregnancy-associated tissues and phenotypes
Phillips, JB, Abbot, P, Rokas, A Is preterm birth a human-specific syndrome