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Kendal S. Broadie, Ph.D.

Stevenson Professor of Neurobiology,
Professor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Pharmacology, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

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Kim, N, Kim, S, Nahm, M, Kopke, D, Kim, J, Cho, E, Lee, MJ, Lee, M, Kim, SH, Broadie, K, Lee, S BMP-dependent synaptic development requires Abi-Abl-Rac signaling of BMP receptor macropinocytosis
Parkinson, WM, Dookwah, M, Dear, ML, Gatto, CL, Aoki, K, Tiemeyer, M, Broadie, K Synaptic roles for phosphomannomutase type 2 in a new Drosophila congenital disorder of glycosylation disease model
Dear, ML, Dani, N, Parkinson, W, Zhou, S, Broadie, K Two classes of matrix metalloproteinases reciprocally regulate synaptogenesis