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Examples of Undergraduate Research Projects

Fall 2021 Projects

StudentResearch Proposal
Whitney BrownCharacterizing the role of FOXP3 in ccRCC
Ziche ChenIntereations between LANA and Super-enhancers
Anna EberweinSynaptic Dysfunction in the Drosophila Niemann Pick Type C Disease Model
Ivy HanInvestigating tension in epithelial wound healingĀ 
Cassidy JohnsonElucidating Genes Involved in hoe-1-dependent UPRmt activation via a Forward Genetic Approach
Grace LeeMicrotubule dynamics regulates gap junction trafficking and placement in the motor circuit
Shuyang LinPGE2-G mediated P2Y6 signaling pathway
Robert McCarthySurvivability of E. Coli Rho and H-NS mutants in various pH ranges.
Sharath NarayanIdentifying suppressor mutations in RNA polymerase to rescue replication-transcription conflicts
Dev PatelEffects of CSK inhibition on Atrial Fibrillation
Jacque PinonThe role of macrophages in obesity and metabolic disease
Brittany PolevikovDefining the pathogenic cascade of P. aeruginosa in UTIs
Eddie QianExosome treatment of ischemic kidney injury
Bennett SchneierCopper Homeostasis in UPEC Bacteria
Elena SolopovaCorrelation of White Matter MRI Hyperintensities with Expression of Lysyl Oxidase in Patients with Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy
Carly StewartThe Impact of Infection on Fecundity in Insects
Liraz StilmanTelomeres and telomerase in yeast
Navya ThakkarRhythm and Grammar
Katherine ZhongNegative Regulators of the Immune System

Previous Projects

StudentResearch Proposal
Dhivyaa AnandanIdentifying mechanisms of tumor dormancy in the bone marrow
Patrick BrayStress effects of restricgted feeding in mice
Ivy ChenThe effect of domestication on cultural transmission of birdsong
Dara CraigCamera trapping in Ecology
Jacob EdwardsStudies on GPBP within the extracellular matrix
Elise ErmanDevelopment of assay to monitor error fre repair in non-homologous end joining
David Fei-ZhangCharacterization of BVES degrons
Jacob GussertStudying the nature of circadian rhythms in bacteria isolated from the natural environment
Alexis GutierrezExtracellular RNA
Alexander KurajExamining the effect of photoperiod on the Trek-1 channel in serotonin neurons
Emily Layton"Paternal Grandmother Age Affects the Strength of Wolbachia-Induced Cytoplasmic Incompatibility in Drosophila melanogaster."
Zelong LiuOverexpression of xCT in noralized lung epithelial cells
Abby PerryEffect of co-infection on the immune response of tribolium flour beetles
Carter PowersThe Effects of Temperature and Age on Immune Gene Expression in Anopheles gambiae
Anish RamanIntersection of HSPG expression at the drosophilia neuromuscular junction
Saba RehmanCharacterization of neuregulin (NRG) trafficking
Sabeen RehmanPositional cloning of a novel gene regulating craniofacial development
Zhan (Jack) RongThe role of Rif1 in controlling DNA damage and structure during replication
Faith RovenoltCharacterizing and modeling co-infection in Tribolium
Nicholas RuppeMechanisms that regulate do novo telomere addition at a double-strand break
Chloe StallionComparison of genetic and liguistic character of Creolization in the Caribbean
Emily StruttmannEffects of high-salt conditions on H. pylori
Amanda SunDetermining the function of Rm62 in resolving R-loops
Raymar TuranganImmune priming in mosquitoes
Claire Weinstein The characerization of acinetobacter baumannii sensitivity to novel bacteriophages
Matthew XinCharacterizing the relationship between p73 and cigarette smoke
Roger YuProtein trafficking and membrane biogenesis
Eric ZhangCK1 in DNA repair and Hhp1 as a model protein
Danzhu ZhaoQuantifying the impact of ACK1 inhibition on the interferon gamma response in melanoma cells
Junqin ZhuExamining the role of ten elleven translocation enzymes in RNA 5-hydroxymethylcytosine