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Mosig Travel Funds

The Gisela Mosig Travel Fund

Upon selecting a Ph.D. thesis advisor among our primary faculty and joining that lab as a biological sciences graduate student, an account will be set up for the student called the Gisela Mosig Travel Fund, in the amount of $3500.00. During the student’s tenure in the department the fund can be used by the student, with approval from the mentor, for any reasonable and documented travel related expenses to meetings, workshops, offsite courses or training. Each year the student and the mentor will be notified of the balance of the fund.

Directions on How to Use Your Gisela Mosig Travel Fund

  1. Obtain authorization from your adviser to travel.
  2. Contact the Program/Guest Travel Coordinator and provide details of your upcoming trip.
  3. To be reimbursed from the Mosig Fund you must keep all itemized receipts, including those for meals! A reimbursement of travel expenses via the Mosig Funds will NOT be processed without itemized receipts.
  4. Your Mosig Fund will pay for the following: hotel, flight, taxi or shuttle, registration, parking fees and reasonable meal expenses for yourself. The Mosig Fund will not pay for: movies, entertainment activities, upgraded flights or any unreasonable or unrealistic charges.
  5. Presentation and posters given at meetings supported by the travel fund should have an acknowledgement of support from the Gisela Mosig Travel Fund.

Graduate School Funds

The Graduate School at Vanderbilt also offers travel funds for graduate students. You are strongly encouraged to apply for these funds in order to make your Mosig fund go further. Students are encouraged to present their research at major regional, national, and international conferences. After completing at least one academic year at Vanderbilt, students may apply for a travel grant from the graduate school for up to $500 per budget year (July 1-June 30) for domestic or international travel. Students are allowed a total of three travel grants during their entire tenure at Vanderbilt.

Complete details are on the application form:  2021-22.