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BSCI Faculty Involved in $1.1M Grant to Support Inclusive Learning

Posted by on Thursday, December 8, 2022 in Uncategorized.

Vanderbilt University has been awarded $1.1M as part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Inclusive Excellence 3 (IE3) Initiative. $530,000 will support Vanderbilt University initiatives directly, while the additional $577,000 will be administered by Vanderbilt University to support activities of the broad collaborative effort. Biological Sciences’ faculty Kathy Friedman and Cynthia Brame serve as co-Program Directors of the HHMI IE3 program, which aims to help higher education institutions increase their capacity for inclusive learning. As part of this initiative, Biological Sciences will be re-structuring its introductory STEM courses to improve a sense of belonging among all students and to foster their interest in continued STEM education.


Brame and Friedman were recently featured in a MyVU article, which also mentions involvement of other Biological Sciences faculty: Doug McMahon, who helped spearhead the original IE3 proposal, Julian Hillyer, Todd Graham, Thomas Clements, Jim Pask. This story has also been picked up by Forbes Magazine.