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Jing Liu

Office: 254 Buttrick

Phone: 615-343-7823

Lecturer in Chinese

Jing Liu received her Master's in Chinese Literature from Shaanxi Normal University, located in Xi'an, one of the towns best-known for cultural history. Her specialties are Chinese language, linguistics and phonology, she has been a lecturer in Chinese at Vanderbilt since 2007.

Selected Publications:

  1. Jing Liu The Contributions of Tai He Zheng Yin Pu to Zhongyuan Yinyun , The Paper Collection of Celebrating Mr. Naisi Yang 80th Birthday, Zhonghua Press, China, 2010, in press. 
  2. Jing Liu The Phonological Information in the Translation Materials of Ming and Qing Dynasty, The Paper Collection of the 14th  Chinese phonology association Conference, Nanjing University Press, China, 2008
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