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T. S. Harvey

Associate Professor (Medical and Linguistic Anthropology -- Global Public Health, Environmental Protection, Medical Communication, Risk, and Misinformation)

"In our global-local world of the 21st century, our interconnectivity is much more than virtual — viruses travel without visas, bacteria know no borders and disease is indiscriminate" TSH 

Dr. Harvey is not accepting graduate students.

With training in medical and linguistic anthropology, Dr. Harvey’s research and interests focus expanding scientific partnerships, developing innovative technologies, and building local capacities to collaboratively tackle large scale global public health and environmental challenges that emerge at the critical intersection of vulnerable populations, health disparities, disease, risk, environmental degradation, water, sanitation, and infrastructure.  The evolution of this trans-disciplinary approach is the product of over a decade of funded collaborative research, capacity-building work, and global engagement on a wide range of topics that include but are not limited to: cross-cultural doctor-patient communication, language and culture in global public health, waterborne diseases, enteric illnesses, disaster prevention and relief, neighborhood approaches to risk reduction, crisis management, sustainability, resilience, and environmental protection.

Harvey formed part of the team that created a virtual self-screening tool that will help individuals assess their risk of being infected with COVID-19. The app also offers capabilities for expediting test screening for providers and ultimately giving public health officials real-time anonymized data to identify, map and target interventions where they’re needed most:  He also launched the Spanish version of the free Vanderbilt COVID-19 Virtual Self-Screening Tool Read more about this project here.


Recent Courses

  • ANTH 1601: Introduction to Language and Culture
  • ANTH 3890: Special Topic: Cultural & Linguistic Determinants of Health
  • ANTH 3890: Special Topic: Medicine, Language & Communication in Global Public Health
  • ANTH 1601: Introduction to Language and Culture
  • ANTH 8010: Special Topics - Texts & Textualities