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Steven Wernke

Associate Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies

(Archaeology and ethnohistory of the Andean region; colonialism and culture change, GIS and spatial analysis)

Dr. Wernke is an archaeologist and historical anthropologist with interests in community organization, landscape and land-use, and the transformation of religious forms and practices during prehispanic and colonial times in the Andean region of South America. Methodologically, his research analyzes archaeological and documentary data sources in a GIS-based spatial framework to examine how community and landscape mediate relationships between households and states. His current research explores the transition from Inka to Spanish rule during the earliest period of sustained interaction between Spanish clerics and provincial Andean communities through NSF-funded excavations in mission villages in the Colca valley of southern Peru. His recent publications include "Negotiating Community and Landscape in the Peruvian Andes: A Trans-Conquest View (American Anthropologist, 2007), "Analogy or Erasure? Dialectics of Religious Transformation in the Early Doctrinas of the Colca Valley, Peru." (International Journal of Historical Archaeology 2007), and " The Politics of Community and Inka Statecraft in the Colca Valley, Peru" (Latin American Antiquity, 2006).He is currently completing a book entitled Andean Interfaces: An Archaeo-History of Community, State, and Landscape in the Peruvian Highlands.



Archaeology and ethnohistory of theAndean region; colonialism and culture change, missionary encounters, community and land-use organizatin, GIS and spatial analysis