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Natalie Robbins

Research Analyst I VIGR (GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Statistics)


GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Statistics, Geologic Mapping

Natalie is a research analyst funded through the Vanderbilt Initiative for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Research (VIIGR). She is particularly interested in the development of novel informatics techniques to analyze spatial data and interpret environmental phenomena. Her Master’s work focused on geologic mapping and mineralogical analysis of terraced fan features on Mars. Natalie also conducted remote sensing research identifying illegal gold mines, locally known as galamseys in Ghana, Africa. Before coming to Vanderbilt, Natalie worked as a short-term Master’s intern at Oak Ridge National Lab. Natalie has experience working in biology, environmental science and geosciences and is always eager to learn more and consult on new projects outside this realm.