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Miguel Cuj

Doctoral Candidate

Miguel Cuj grew up in a family of Maya descent in Guatemala. He has a Nutrition degree from San Carlos University, which was supported by the Maya Educational Foundation scholarship program in Guatemala. Miguel was a fellow in the Tobacco Control Fellowship program of the Cardiovascular Surgery Unit of Guatemala (UNICAR). He has worked in several projects in rural Guatemala with Maya population.  Also, Miguel has a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies and a certificate in Global Health at Vanderbilt University.

Currently, he is a PhD student in Anthropology. Miguel has an interest in food, health, and culture issues in rural Guatemala; He has focused on nutrition, health, and structural violence issues in older rural populations of Guatemala in the aftermath of armed conflict. Also, he has engaged in the interaction between biomedicine and social science because it is riddled with gray areas that explain how social problems have implications for health. His research interests are food anthropology, nutrition, social-structural issues, health inequalities, inequities and disparities, K'iche Maya food, and bio-communicability in health.