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Maya Krause

Doctoral Candidate

Maya entered the Ph.D. program at Vanderbilt in the fall of 2017. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. During her undergraduate career, Maya attended the Huari-Ancash Bioarchaeological Field School in Huari, Peru, which motivated her to pursue research in the Andean highlands. In her graduate research, Maya is continuing her work in the Cusco region of Peru to further understand how state imperial structures alter and shape the lived experiences of subjects. Using bioarchaeological methods, Maya explores how imperial policies related to forced resettlement, conscripted labor, and oppression affected subjects’ overall health and nutrition, as well as their risk of occupational injuries and exposure to violence. Maya’s research interests explore multiple sources of information, which include skeletal infection and chronic stress, diet, bone/tooth isotopic chemistry, and evidence of violent conflict. In her research, Maya aims to bring individuals’ bodies to the forefront of our understandings of how imperialism profoundly shapes peoples’ lives.


  • National Geographic Early Career Grant, Summer 2019