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Marlon Escamilla

Graduate Student

Marlon Escamilla is a Mesoamerican Archaeologist. He received a Licenciatura degree in archaeology at Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador in 2000. His interests include prehispanic environmental adaptations, early civilizations' landscape interaction, water symbolism and the early Nahua-Pipil migrations. He has worked for 10 years as a researcher at the National Department of Archaeology and as a curator at the National Museum of Anthropology of El Salvador. Most of his field experience and research has consisted of underwater archaeology, rock art sites as well as several excavations in El Salvador including Preclassic, Classic and Postclassic sites located in the plain coast, central valleys and highlands. During the summer of 2001 he participated in the archaeological project of Tel-Hatzor at Israel. He founded and directed the National Projects of Underwater Archaeology (2005) and Rock Art (2006) in El Salvador. He has published articles in Guatemala and El Salvador. Since 2003 he has been teaching archaeology at Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador.