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Markus Eberl

Associate Professor (Archaeology; Maya)

Dr. Eberl is not currently accepting graduate students.

Dr. Eberl is an archaeologist and epigrapher with an interest in Classic Maya sociopolitical organization. He focuses on communities to study ways in which humans create society. Maya commoners are his second theoretical focus. How did they live, how were they organized, and how did they relate to nobles, particularly the divine Maya kings and their royal courts? He has been conducting archaeological fieldwork in Germany, Mexico, and Guatemala. In the laboratory, he specializes in ceramic analysis. He has also been working with Maya glyphic inscriptions and approaches Classic Maya culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. He is now director of the Tamarindito Archaeological Project in Guatemala's tropical lowlands. Tamarindito was the seat of a royal dynasty during the Classic period. There, he investigates the collapse of Classic Maya culture from the perspective of Maya commoners. His publications include a book on death and burial in Classic Maya culture (2005).  more...