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Lillian Paz Lemus

Graduate Student

Tatiana is a socio-cultural anthropologist with a Licenciatura degree from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (2003) and a Máster Europeo en Estudios Latinoamericanos from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail and CSIC (2006). Since 2004 she has been a teacher of Anthropology at Universidad del Valle, studying Guatemalan and Mesoamerican ethnology along with a new generation of social scientists. From 2004 to 2010 the Guatemalan Human Development Report project at United Nations Development Program was her workplace and school, learning through practice as the technical-administrative project officer.  Her fieldwork experience has been focused on migration, youth, ethnicity and cultural change, and it has taken her to San Lucas Panzós, Mercado “El Guarda”, Calel, San Pedro Pinula in Guatemala, and also to Naha’ Chiapas.  Research interests (for now) are in representations and perceptions of development, poverty, community, ethnicity, State’s intervention and public policy among Guatemalan youth.  Tatiana is a food enthusiast and has been exploring different cooking techniques for the past years. Inspired by her Grandma, she is trying to improve her crochet skills. Also with her husband Luis she shares an addiction to music and the love of her dog-sons Milo and Benito Velásquez-Paz Lemus.