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Jada Benn Torres

Associate Professor
(Genetics, Race, Genetic Ancestry)


Genetics, Race, Genetic Ancestry, Ancient DNA, Health disparities, African descendants, Caribbean

Jada Benn Torres, PhD., Associate Professor of Anthropology and the director for the Laboratory of Genetic Anthropology and Biocultural Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Her primary research area is the Anglophone Caribbean where she explores genetic ancestry and population history of African and Indigenous Caribbean peoples. A second emerging area of her research combines the tools and theories of genetic epidemiology with anthropology in order to holistically examine health disparities.  This work focuses on women’s health disparities, with a specific focus on the uterine fibroids among women of African descent.

Scroll below to see Dr. Benn-Torres’ publications or click on her website for publications and more. 

You can also visit the Genetic Anthropology and Bio-Cultural Studies Lab website