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Carmelina Espantzay

Doctoral candidate

Ixchel  Carmelina Espantzay, a kaqchikel maya, is a cultural and social anthropologist. In 2006 she got her licenciatura in Linguistics at Universidad Rafael Landivar de Guatemala (URL), and in 2008 she got her Master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. She has published some linguistics materials such as Descriptive Grammar of Sipakapense (2003) and Normative Grammar of Kaqchikel (2005). She has also presented papers at academic conferences such as the local partisan political participation of Maya women in Patzún and Tecpán in election 2007 and bilingual education in urban areas: Challenges and Opportunities, both presented at the Mayan Studies Congress, Rafael Landívar University (2009). She is interested in the role of women in the maintenance of Kaqchikel. Her current research is to evaluate the level of political influence indigenous women hold in the national political arena and explore if and how embedded racial, gendered, and cultural logics related to citizenship in Guatemala might limit indigenous women’s full and equal participation. She is a recipient of Graduate Fellowship, FORD Foundation International Fellowships Program (2006-08) and a P.E.O, International Peace Scholarship (2011-2012).