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Beth Conklin

Associate Professor (Medical Anthropology , sociocultural Anthropology)

Dr. Conklin is not currently accepting graduate students.

Professor Beth Conklin is a cultural and medical anthropologist specializing in the ethnography of indigenous peoples of lowland South America (Amazonia).

Her research focuses on the anthropology of the body, religion and ritual, health and healing,death and mourning, the politics of indigenous rights, and ecology, environmentalism, and cultural and religious responses to climate change. She teaches courses on anthropological theory, medicine and healing, indigenous peoples, and environmental issues.

Her publications include Consuming Grief: Compassionate Cannibalism in an Amazonian Society, “Body Paint, Feathers, and VCRs: Aesthetics and Authenticity in Amazonian Activism,” “The Shifting Middle Ground: Brazilian Indians and Eco-Politics” (with Laura Graham), “Ski Masks, Nose Rings, Veils and Feathers: Body Arts on the Front Lines of Identity Politics,” and “Environmentalism, Global Community, and the New Indigenism.”