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Charles, David, Department of Neurology

David Charles, M.D.
Department of Neurology
A-1106 MCN
615-322-2538 (office)
615-322-0262 (fax)

The Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease with Deep Brain Stimulation
We are currently treating Parkinson’s disease patients with deep brain stimulation of the bilateral subthalamic nucleus. This recently FDA approved therapy is an exciting new intervention for some Parkinson’s disease patients. We are investigating the effects of bilateral subthalamic nucleus stimulation in early stage Parkinson’s disease to better understand if this treatment may slow the progression of the disease.

Treatment of Spasticity in Adults
Spasticity is a condition that is very prevalent in people with mental retardation or cerebral palsy. The presence of spasticity can often make performance of activities of daily living and care giving very difficulty. We are currently investigating the impact of a comprehensive spasticity management program applied to people with mental retardation living in a developmental center.

Cervical Dystonia
Cervical dystonia causes painful muscle contractions and abnormal head position. We are comparing the pain relief that people with cervical dystonia experience after neurotoxin injection to the pain relief experienced in people without cervical dystonia.

Web: http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/root/vumc.php?site=neurology&doc=26215

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