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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the requirements for both here.

Any of the core gender and sexuality studies faculty can serve as your adviser, with their permission.

The senior seminar is a required capstone course for all majors and minors of gender and sexuality studies. The course is offered every spring, and students generally take the course in the spring of their senior year. If you are having a hard time fitting the senior seminar into your course schedule, contact your adviser.

An independent study allows you to work closely with a gender and sexuality studies faculty member on a specialized topic; i.e., a topic or project related to the program that is not currently offered by the department. You will need to contact a GSS faculty member with experience in your topic and with their permission and assistance, complete the independent study form. You will turn it in to the A&S Dean’s office before the end of the drop period for the semester that you wish to do the independent study in.

Of course! See the list of courses outside the department of gender and sexuality studies currenly approved for credit. If there is another course that is not currently approved that you feel meets the criteria for GSS credit, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Anything! Our alumni often write to us about how they have found their degree useful in the real world but also about how the very experience of being in a GSS classroom proved to be life-changing. Our graduates transfer their intellectual skills into new work spaces and environments in order to make them more inclusive and diverse. 

To major or minor in gender and sexuality studies, you must take GSS 1150, GSS 1150W, GSS 1160, or GSS 1160W.

GSS 1150, “Sex and Gender in Everyday Life” is an exploration of the intersections of sex, gender, race, class, and ability in culture and society. GSS 1150W is a writing-intensive version of this course.

GSS 1160, “Sex and Society” considers the historical, cultural, and social context of sexual diversity, sexual violence, and discrimination through the lens of identity as intersections of sex, gender, race, class, and ability. GSS 1160W is a writing-intensive version of this course.