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Vanderbilt Results at the Lewis and Clark College Debate Tournament

Posted by on Monday, October 12, 2020 in Debate.

This weekend, the Vanderbilt Debate Team participated in the Lewis and Clark College “Steve Hunt Classic” Online British Parliamentary Debate Tournament. There were 11 teams which were comprised of 22 students compete at the tournament. The results are listed below.

Overall, Vanderbilt finished in first and second place in the open division. In addition, Vanderbilt won the Junior Division, made for students who are in their first or second year of college debate. Many speaker awards were also given out.

Open Division

All three teams below made it to the final round.

Senior Sael Soni and Sophomore Matthew Sohn: 1st Seed and division winners.

Junior Rohan Nakra and 1st Year Daniel Ardity: 3rd Seed

1st years Maya Reddy and Pipa Powers: 7th Seed and finished in 2nd place.

Reddy & Powers were the top junior team; however, they earned the right to compete in open elimination rounds as well.

Open Division Speaker Awards

Pipa Powers: 8th
Daniel Ardity: 6th
Matthew Sohn: 2nd (tied)
Sael Soni: 2nd (tied)

Junior Division

All three teams below made it to the final round.

Sophomore Sojo Rouco-Crenshaw and 1st year Karolina Groszewska: 2nd Seed and tournament winners.

1st years Adey Kejela and Amir Abusafieh: 4th Seed

Sophomore Jonah Franks and 1st year Parker Smith: 5th Seed

Junior Division Speaker Awards

Adey Kejela: 8th (tied)
Parker Smith: 8th (tied)
Scott Kim: 8th (tied)
Maya Reddy: 6th
Sojo Rouco-Crenshaw: 4th
Pipa Powers: 2nd


Congratulations to all participants in this tournament!