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Voces Inocentes (2004)

Voces Inocentes (English title: Innocent Voices) is a 2004 Mexican film directed by Luis Mandoki. The plot is set during the Salvadoran Civil War, and is based on writer Óscar Torres's childhood. The film serves as a general commentary on the military use of children. The movie also shows injustice against innocent people who are forced to fight in the war. It follows the story of the narrator, a boy named Chava. View the film trailer here.

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The Human Face of War - Innocent Voices

Grade Levels: 9–12
Subject Area(s): Spanish, Social Studies
Four day unit plan entitled: The Human Face of War. The film Innocent Voices captures a moment in the middle of the El Salvador civil war and students will confront the human side of war. Through this unit, students will analyze the human impact of war on families, communities, countries and evaluate the various human rights violations. In addition, students will analyze character choices and dilemmas while comparing them to their daily lives.

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DOC The Human Face of War - Innocent Voices