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Migration and Immigration

Migration as a process affects all parts of the world and Latin America is no exception.  From rural/urban to international, migration constantly changes the social, economic, and cultural realities of Latin American communities.  Over the past century, attention has turned to the mass migration of many Latin Americans to European nations and the United States.  Immigration to the United States has become a highly politicized issue over the past several decades, entering into the U.S. national discourse on economics, politics, and society.

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PDF Wetback Film Lesson Guide

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DVD Bordertown (Mexico, 2006)
Map Coffee Migration Map
DVD Hablamos Español (2009)
DVD La Camioneta (Guatemala, 2012)
Book The Heart that Bleeds: Latin America Now
Book The Mexicans: A Personal Portrait of a People
DVD Uprooted (Colombia, 2007)

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