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Using Technology to Teach Global Challenges Impacting Latin America

The integration of digital technologies in the classroom is buzzworthy, occupying many discussion boards, twitter feeds, and faculty meeting minutes. The potential of these tools to unlock and empower learning in the 21st Century is undeniable, yet their implementation is simultaneously as tricky as it is noteworthy; the tools themselves, while innovative on the surface, are neither transformative nor innovative unless the pedagogy that drives them allows them to be as such.

This guide was developed with this intentional pedagogy in mind. Each of the six activities featured includes low-cost and effective technological tools that help learners to engage in and elevate world language classroom discourse regarding Latin America. In a word, with appropriate use of the tools featured in the guide, students are empowered. They are empowered to acquire information about language and culture and empowered to create with that knowledge.


Lesson Plans

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5–8, 9–12