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Zika Exploration via Gameplay with Plague Inc.

The purpose of this lesson is to expose novice language learners to vocabulary related to science, and world health concerns, principally the spread of the Zika virus. Additionally the activity is intended to help them to engage in critical thinking regarding language negotiation. Through engaging in this activity, learners will practice using context to discern and make predictions about the meaning of unknown words. They will also analyze unknown words through identification of cognates and linguistic patterns. This identification will allow for semantic mapping and the resulting development of complex language schemata.

Target Audience: Novice language learners, Spanish learners grades 7-12

Subject Area(s) Spanish, Science, Global Health, Humanities, Geography

Objectives Learners will be able to: use context to negotiate and make predictions about meaning; apply learning strategies to negotiate meaning, recognize cognates, and discern linguistic patters; and use context to discern meaning.


Lesson Plans

Grade Levels

5–8, 9–12