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Grandma Lale

Tamales are one of the most important holiday traditions in New Mexico. But tamales can be made and eaten all year! This is the story of Junie López and his Grandma Lale. She is known for her tamales and Junie discovers all that goes in to a truly authentic tamale. Junie and his Grandma live in a small, Hispanic village in Northern New Mexico. NASARIO GARCÍA is an award-winning author and teacher, who documents oral histories of New Mexico. His latest books include Grandpa Lolo and Trampa: A Story of Surprise and Mystery, The Talking Lizard: New Mexico's Magic & Mystery, Bernalillo: Yesterday's Sunshine Today's Shadows, Fe y Tragedias and An Indelible Imprint. He lives in Santa Fe with his wife. DOLORES ARAGÓN is an award-winning Contemporary Hispanic Market artist as well as a judge for Expo New Mexico in Fine and Hispanic Arts. She lives in Peralta, New Mexico.


Nasario Garcia (Author), Dolores Aragon (Author, Illustrator)


Spanish language, social studies