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Geography Activity - Ecuador

This activity is a simple geography/map activity which can be used in Spanish or English classrooms.  Great activity to accompany Que tan lejos.


You have just moved to Quito and your friend from childhood who lives in _____ invited you to stay with him/her for a week during your summer vacation. You really want to go and you want to be prepared when your parents ask you how you are planning to get there. Research how to get to _____ by bus. Also, in order to impress your parents, you decide to find information about the geographical features and cities along the way, how long it will take you to get there, how many kilometers away it is, alternative routes in case the road is closed, etc. You even decide to show this information on a map!

Plan - Prepare - Practice - Present



Vicky Masson


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Grade Levels

5–8, 9–12