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Daily Life Lesson - Preterito

Lesson 3: Daily Life; using preterit and imperfect to talk about a personal experience in the past

Subject Area: Spanish III   Grade Level: 9-12

VHL “Descubre 3” Text and Supersite resources, including video short subject “¡Adiós Mamá!

Objective: Students will use the preterit to explain about daily life in Spanish. 

Although the following assignments are based on 7-day rotating schedule during which time each class meets 4 times for 80 minutes, they can be adapted and spaced out to fit the needs of your students, your class and your schedule; it is expected that, over the time that students are working on this project, they would continue also to learn other material, be engaged in other activities in class and do other homework assignments.



Paul Tuzeneu


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