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La Camioneta Film Discussion Guide

This is a Discussion guide created by CLAS for La Camioneta, a film by Mark Kendall. Includes central themes, context, discussion questions and further explorations for the classroom. 

La Camioneta is well-suited for use in a variety of settings and is especially recommended for use with: 

  • Civic, fraternal, and community groups
  • Community organizations with a mission to promote education and learning, such as local libraries
  • Cultural, art or historical organizations, institutions, or museums
  • Faith-based organizations and institutions
  • Film studies, Latin American Studies, and Spanish academic departments or student groups at colleges, universities, and high schools
  • Groups that have discussed films relating to Guatemala, flows of migration, or U.S./Latin American relations
  • Groups focused on any of the issues listed in the Central Themes section
  • High school students

Central Themes • Anthropology • Arts & arts education • Catholicism & Evangelism • Democracy • Faith and faith-based • Guatemala • Guatemalan culture • Human rights • Immigration & Migration • Institutional impunity • Modern Maya • Public transportation • Social and economic justice

Context: Invervention and immigration; Mobility in Guatemala; Vulnerable Institutions of a Fledgling Democracy, Guatemala and the Modern Maya.




Lesson Plans

Grade Levels

5–8, 9–12