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Motorcycle Diaries Lesson Plan

This lesson plan for the film Motorcycle Diaries combines a wide range of activities. All related resources are listed as resources under the Motorcycle Diaries page, with the exception of the music video, which can be found here 

Objectives Students will be able to:

  • Label countries and important cities/landmarks in South America by following the route of the characters in the movie. 
  • complete a cloze passage by listening to song lyrics in Spanish. 
  • Reflect on the differences of various social/cultural groups. 
  • Identify Che Guevara and his role as a revolutionary.
  • Complete a story map about the movie. 
  • Answer guided questions before and after viewing the movie. 
  • Draw conclusions about how to bring change to the world.
  • Develop a plan of action for change in their school/community.

Packet includes lesson plan and the follow resources:

Guided Questions (before/after)
Preguntas para Diarios de motocicleta
Story Map Worksheet
Project Guidelines
Ensayo/Take-home Essay
Ernesto (Che) Guevara Fact Sheet
Al Otro Lado Lyrics (Spanish / English)
Cloze Passages – Al Otro Lado Levels 1-2
Cloze Passage – Al Otro Lado Levels 3+
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Andrea Beebe-López, Dani Avery, Amy Lyon


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