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Cabeza de Vaca Discussion Guide

A series of high school lesson plans for the film Cabeza de Vaca. The packet also includes discussion questions and a resource section.

The Encounter: Exploration, Evangelization and Ethnohistory

Lesson 1 Objectives: Students will begin to think about linguistic and cultural isolation; students will be introduced to the historical context of early Sanish exploration and native socieites in the Gulf Coast Region

Lesson 2 Objectives: Students will explore the themes of evangeliazationa and religious syncretism; To promote critical thinking skills; to compare and contrast the Cabeza de Vaca's written account with the cinematic depiction.

Lesson 3 Objectives: Students will discuss films andt he written word as a method of storytelling. Students will explore the issue of religious syncretism.

Lesson 4 Objective: Students will examine how the Cabeza de Vaca expedition fits in the larger narrative of Spanish exploration.

Lesson 5 Objective: Students will present their individual or group projects to the class for debate and discussion.



2011 Film Institute


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