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Degree Requirements

The master’s program in biomedical sciences requires the completion of 30 credit hours, typically completed over two years.

Students select from one of two tracks:

  1. Change: Provides students from diverse academic backgrounds the ability to change their career direction and complete all pre-requisites to apply to medical school. Students select from a full range of didactic courses and engage in research experiences to gain the critical skills to perform at a high level on standardized entrance tests and achieve success during the interview process.
  2. Edge: For students who need to increase their competitiveness for health professions programs by taking specific coursework and engaging in research designed to increase science GPAs and prepare for standardized entry tests. Students develop critical skills and experiences to enhance their competitiveness for entry to their program of choice.

The curriculum consists of course offerings in the College of Arts and Science and School of Medicine that will differ depending on the student’s selected track.