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Department of Religious Studies

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2015-16 Visiting Scholars in Religious Studies:   Abdurrahman Aliy,  Alex Dubilet  



Robert "Rob" Campany
260 Buttrick Hall, OF: 343-1683
[Professor of Asian Studies; full time Religious Studies teaching]

Volney Gay
303 Garland Hall, OF: 875-9043

Laurel Schneider
301G Garland Hall, OF: 343-8887

Tony K. Stewart, Chair
Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Chair in Humanities
301B Garland Hall, OF: 322-4885 


Associate Professors

Richard McGregor
307 Garland Hall, OF: 343-2462

Assistant Professors

Dianna Bell
301E Garland Hall, OF: 343-1334

Nancy Lin
308 Garland Hall, OF: 343-3385

Bryan Lowe
301D Garland Hall, OF: 322-0095

Anand Taneja
301C Garland Hall, OF: 343-9132

Alexis Wells
Fall 2015


Emeritus Professors

Lewis Baldwin
P: 615-646-6524

Daniel Patte
P: 615-269-0954

Charles Hambrick

Gary Jensen


Senior Lecturers

Bushra Hamad
220E Garland Hall, OF: 936-7275

M. Issam Eido
Fall 2015



Arthur Francis Carter
306 Garland Hall, P: 615-507-8937

Abdulkadir Gure
220J Garland Hall, OF: 875-9103

Aaron Howard
306 Garland Hall, P: 951-375-9059

Adib Mahmud
220J Garland Hall, OF: 322-6436


Associate Faculty Members

Philip I. Ackerman-Lieberman : Assistant Professor, Jewish Studies and Law, 148 Buttrick Hall, 343-2098

Victor Anderson : Professor, Graduate Department of Religion, 238 Divinity Building, 343-3973 

Larry Churchill : Professor, Department of Medicine, 2525 West End Avenue, 4th Flr, Suite 400, 936-2686

Jay Geller : Associate Professor, Divinity School, 207 Divinity Building, 343-3968

Lenn E. Goodman : Professor, Department of Philosophy, 025 Furman Hall, 343-3158

Elizabeth Heitman : Professor, Department of Medicine, 2525 West End Avenue, 4th Flr, Suite 400, 936-2686

Gary Jensen : Professor and Chair of Sociology Emeritus

Amy-Jill Levine : Professor, Graduate Department of Religion, 235 Divinity Building, 343-3967 

Paul Lim: Associate Professor, Divinity School, 220 Divinity Building, 343-3975

Bruce Rogers-Vaughn : Assistant Professor, Divinity School, 969-3083

Department Contacts

Department Chair 
Tony K. Stewart 
phone: 615-322-4885
fax: 615-343-1327
address: 301B Garland Hall

Director of Undergraduate Studies 
Richard McGregor
phone: 615-343-2462
fax: 615-343-1327
address: 307 Garland Hall

Department Administrator 
Christen Harper  
phone: 615-322-4884 
fax: 615-343-1327
address: 300 Garland Hall