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Immersion and Study Abroad

Immersion Is…a deep dive into a question, topic, or theme, through classroom learning and in-person experience. Immersion is a student’s chance to build intellectual ability and cultural capacities. Each Immersion plan is tailor-made and builds toward a final project. Learn more.

Study Abroad

Some religious studies students study abroad for their Immersion experience, which is a unique opportunity to deeply explore different cultures and languages. See the many study abroad opportunities that Vanderbilt offers.

Honors Research

Advanced students may build their Immersion experience through an honors thesis in religious studies.

Custom Immersion Plan

Students may coordinate with a religious studies faculty member to develop an individualized Immersion plan.

Immersion Stories

Miles Abney, BA’24 

“For my Immersion project I interned for The Flourishing Center in New York City, which is a company centered around the field of positive psychology. They offer a variety of courses to help train people in applying the science of happiness and flourishing to a variety of professions. For my final project I chose to focus on a subsect of the field of positive psychology: successful aging. Rooting my project in research by gerontologist Karl Pillemer, I surveyed adults in my life and used the data to put together an “advice archive” full of advice regarding living and aging successfully. Throughout the experience, I learned a lot about the science of positive psychology that I know I will carry with me long past my time at Vanderbilt.”