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2019-2020 Graduate Student Fellows  

Sophia Clark
German, Russian, and East European Studies
“Legacies of the Enlightenment: Justice and the German Stage”   

Bonnie Griffin
Department of French and Italian
“Voyages Towards Utopia: Mapping Utopian Spaces in Early-Modern French Prose”   

Joanna Huh
Elizabeth E. Fleming Fellow
Department of English
“Erotic Communities in Early Modern Literature: Seduction, Demand, and Undone Bodies”

Alyssa Lowery
George J. Graham, Jr. Fellow
Department of Philosophy
“Complicating Religion in Public Reason”   

Mohammad Meerzaei
Graduate Department of Religion
“The Kingdom of Imagination: Re-imagining Iranian Islam in the Twentieth Century at the Intersection of Mysticism, Philosophy, and Politics of Identity”    

Mario Rewers
American Studies Fellow
Department of History
“Anxious Educators, Nervous Nationalists: American Civilization in the Academy, 1937-2001”   

Carolina Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian
Joe and Mary Harper Fellow
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
“Counter-Hegemony and Nation Building in Latin American Short Fiction, 1830-1920”