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2017-2018 Faculty Fellows

Telling Stories: Modes, Media, and Meanings

Ellen Armour
E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Chair in Feminist Theology, Divinity School

James F. Brooks
William S. Vaughn Visiting Fellow
Professor of History and Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Laura M. Carpenter, Program Co-Director
Spence and Rebecca Webb Wilson Fellow
Associate Professor of Sociology

John Janusek
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Shaul Kelner
Associate Professor of Sociology and Jewish Studies

Stanley Link
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Analysis of Music, Blair School of Music

Letizia Modena
Associate Professor of Italian

Catherine Molineux, Program Co-Director
Jacque Voegeli Fellow
Associate Professor of History

Jonathan Rattner
Assistant Professor of Art and Assistant Director of Cinema and Media Arts

Haerin Shin
Assistant Professor of English

Telling Stories / Stories That Tell is a collaborative project between the 2017-18 Faculty Fellows and Nashville artist Britt Stadig, who represented each fellow—their lives, work, and disciplines—in a series of unique, large-format 3D “pages.” Freely crossing borders between sculpture, painting, collage, photography, video, print, and sound, the pages combine into a single volume exploring how our individual projects investigate or reflect human experiences. Learn more about their project.